Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?

Discussion in 'Cars, Sports, & Outdoors' started by BarryLejieg, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. BarryLejieg

    BarryLejieg New Member

    A professional football player it's paid probably 20 times more than a fireman, a police officer, a teacher etc.
    Even the mediocre football players are paid usually 3 to 6 million Euros and sometimes even more.

    A fireman is at risk of dying while he is trying to save someone's life and house, while a professional footballer has almost no risk than injuries that never end with more than broken bones.
    And in all popular sports are the same circumstances.

    I think that these ridiculously high paychecks are even bad for the sport. Now they play for the money not for their passion. And let's not forget the part where a football player it's probably making more money than the entire police officers of a medium city.

    And the same thing goes for the actors,I think that the entire sport and film has turned into a giant money making industry.

    Do you agree that actors and professional athletes are paid too much?
  3. twister360

    twister360 New Member

    I think these athletes are not overpaid. They dedicate their lives for the sport, to stay in shape and healthy. When they get injured their careers finish and they end up broke and even some homeless. They are not overpaid but what they need is proper money management to teach them how to maintain the hard earned money.
  4. rhonal89

    rhonal89 New Member

    It's not as if there is a proper amount anyone should be paid anything. Salaries are based on the market. For instance, any one can flip burgers for minimum wage. Very, very, very few can make it to being a professional athlete. But here is the important point - they are being paid based on what people will pay to see them. People are willing to watch them on tv or at the theatre, I'm talking millions and millions. They are also willing to go to their games (athletes) and buy merchandise. If people (demand) thought it was too expensive or they had no desire to see them, they wouldn't. Since people pay x amount for a ticket to see either one, the money will go somewhere. Where else would it go? More to the big studios? Again, most are just taking what they get from the market in their respective economies. Many actors don't make a whole lot, because they are not in demand. A very, very few do, because they are in high demand. This is just basic economics.
  5. Mcosn

    Mcosn New Member

    In sport it is only the ''top few'' who are being paid millions, and rightly so because they are selling/promoting the sport all over the world and encouraging young kids to take up sports,

    For example in Tennis the top players Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal earn upwards of €30 million each year,
    Whereas players ranked outside the top 100 are earning less than €100,000 a year which barely covers their costs of travel/accommodation/coaches , So spare a thought for the professional athletes that you don't hear of but work extremely hard and have worked extremely hard their whole lives and are just getting by on an average salary.
  6. TNSabrina

    TNSabrina New Member

    Yes, I believe professional athletes are WAY overpaid, as well as celebrities! I think doctors, fireman, police, lawyers, and a variety of other careers deserve to be paid more than some guy dribbling a basketball. Doctors are saving lives, while athletes are merely entertaining for a few hours. Athletes are not contributing to society in a way that is worth millions of dollars. I mean they cannot save you if you are dying, they do not rescue you from fires, and they do not help you stay out of jail. The price for what they do should be way down on the totem pole.
  7. MagmaChamber

    MagmaChamber New Member

    I think they are paid what they are worth. They generate a lot of income for many different people and businesses.
  8. rosalinephillips

    rosalinephillips New Member


    I would have to agree with you, I do feel they are overpaid. When reading your question, the first thing I thought about were police officers, teachers, and firemen. I feel these three careers are some of the most dangerous and important jobs to have. Of course, firemen are dealing with the dangers of fire, police officers are dealing with a multitude of criminals that can react in a detrimental way towards the officers, and teachers must teach children so they're able to be prepared for not just the child's future, but the future of our world. I must also add that teachers are often times placed in danger as well. Although they have such important and dangerous jobs, they don't get paid close to what they should be paid and to me, this is ridiculous.

    As for the athletes, yes, I do agree it's mostly about the money. This is why we are now seeing many of them exposed using performance enhancing drugs because they want to be the best because they know this will increase their money. This makes it unfair to other athletes, but again, it's about the best making the most money.
  9. D4rius

    D4rius New Member

    Yeah sportsmans are overpayed, I would agree if policeman, or firefighters would get more money
  10. JJohnston

    JJohnston New Member

    I absolutely think actors, actresses, and sports figures are way overpaid. Why should they be paid more than teachers, the people who shape our future? Or police officers and firemen, the individuals that protect us? It is absolutely asinine how much income entertainers make. While I understand entertainment is extremely lucrative, it has gotten to a point where it is laughable. Until we prioritize things like this, our nation will never come under control.
  11. Jhonatan Medina

    Jhonatan Medina New Member

    I don't think they get paid too much, I think the question is, are we getting paid to little? I mean, if you think about it, there is so much money being made by these corporations, why would you want to put more money in their pockets.
  12. Gina145

    Gina145 New Member

    I think that the best actors and sportsmen earn far too much money for doing a job they enjoy. When it comes to actors in particular I cannot understand why anyone should earn $20 million dollars (or whatever they now earn) to appear in one film. If the cost of making films was reduced then more people would actually be able to afford to see them.

    Having said that, however, not all actors and sportsmen are overpaid. I recently read that tennis players ranked outside the top hundred actually struggle to earn enough to pay all the travelling expenses that are part of being a professional player.
  13. 08rag

    08rag New Member

    There are a lot of factors to consider when asking if actors and athletes are paid too much. One important factor is that professional actors and athletes are in the entertainment business. These types of industries rely on people investing time and money into them in order for them to survive. Hollywood and professional sports like the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, Barclays Premiere League, are all dependent on sponsors, fans and wealthy owners who fund the team and organizations salary. People spend money on tickets to come see athletes and actors. The only time I can remember someone paying to see a firefighter is at a bachelor party. At any point and time people could lose complete interest in Sports and Hollywood and then there would be no money for the industry to survive and ultimately there would be no need to televise sports for financial gain because it wouldn't be lucrative. Then these so called over paid actors and athletes would go broke. The flip-side to answering this question is why are some athletes and actors given the big checks and others given nothing but crumbs. Not all athletes and actors get to the promise land of million dollar salaries. Some or even most are probably paid the same base salary as firemen. Actors on broadway aren't paid like a Denzel Washington or Will Smith and not every professional soccer player gets paid like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. There are players in North and Central America that play for the U.S. and Mexican National teams that only have a five figure salary. People want to be entertained and they are willing to spend top dollar to receive it. Why is this the case? I have no idea but it's reality.
  14. Manon Monsall

    Manon Monsall New Member

    I do think they're overpaid, but that's very subjective, I admit. I mean, do we talk about billionaire enterpreneurs being overpaid? Is David Koch overpaid? That being said, I'm currently resenting the fact that Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per game, just for showing up in the dugout and spitting out sunflower seeds. He makes serious bank whether he plays or not. I feel like he's totally gamed the system. Many New Yorkers feel the same way and he's loathed by the city, at this point. We've started calling him A-Fraud.
  15. rareshine

    rareshine New Member

    I feel that professional athletes are a getting paid way too much. I'm aware that our society loves to be entertained and the athletes and even actors certainly offer that. The level of their talent is incredible. However, when we realistically look for that which will aid the society as a whole, I find that sports only do so marginally. We need to shift our thinking so that it encompasses areas of enrichment of self. Science, Technology, Medicine and Education should receive a much greater amount of funding, even private, so that we may keep advancing as a nation. Sports and movies do not lead nations, rather the aforementioned fields do.
  16. Abigail

    Abigail New Member

    I do think they are overpaid. My grandpa always mocks professional athletes by saying "Do you think they'd perform that even they were not being paid for it?". Although that is quite the generalization, I think that once a person has reached that status of being paid for doing things, they grow accustomed to it. Yes, they might increase revenue from their presence but I do not think it is worth that much. But, then again who am I to say how much is enough? One thing I cannot ignore is that they do have a great talent and as humans we want to entertained so we pay for it.
  17. professorB

    professorB New Member

    they are definitely paid more than is reasonable, but at least they stir it back into the economy (well, maybe the Columbian economy) pretty quickly.

    however, they are not even REMOTELY as overcompensated as far as valued added to the world than bankers
  18. Kailee

    Kailee New Member

    They aren't necessary, as our country could run without entertainment. They serve as entertainers and we the people are the reason they make as much money as they do. Without us paying for their entertainment (whether it be sporting events or movie tickets/purchases) they wouldn't be nearly as compensated as they are. It's nothing to complain about, because if we REALLY wanted this to change, we wouldn't seek their services. Of course brain surgeons, doctors, bankers, businessmen, etc. may deserve more because they play an important role, but that's unfortunately just not the way it works.
  19. Megan Smith

    Megan Smith New Member

    No, I do not think athletes are getting paid too much because they are getting paid to entertain the whole world. They are being paid so well because their fame and fortune can be gone in a instant. Just due to the high risk of injury, so I think it's only fair to pay them lot of money for something that can be here today and gone tomorrow.
  20. Lawrence Kenoly

    Lawrence Kenoly New Member

    Well folks it seems that we have an ethical dilemma here. It would seem that those who do not save lives but entertain us should receive a lower financial incentive. Firemen, Policemen, and Teachers should ethically receive greater financial incentives for their jobs. Why? Because without them the quality of life as we know it would cease to exists. However, would our quality of living become lost without professional sports or movies? We would find some other outlet for our desire to be entertained. Reality dictates however that without entertainment, life would become mundane and stale. And who wants that? It is the vigor of life that makes life worth living. Some would argue that it is the force behind the quality of life. Without it no one not even firemen, policemen, and teachers would have the desire to do their jobs. They too are contributors to this dilemma. Food for thought. It is the advertisements that make the big money for professional athletes i.e. commercial placements. Box office sales earn the actors their share and when they move to DVD and digital formats, again advertisements are the main contributor. I guess the real question is; what determines a quality of life, is it sports and entertainment? Or the very essence of life itself, freedom, safety, and education? Food for thought.
  21. Luga

    Luga New Member

    I think people don't consider the fact that athletes' and actors' high pay is justified. Athletes can fill stadiums simply with their presence, and people will pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to watch them perform. They've devoted their whole lives since they were very young to be exceptional at what they do. Many athletes come from a background where they are not given the same opportunities as many other people would, and one they feel that getting that money is a result of their hard work and battling with their situation.

    Similar with actors. People will pay money to see a movie just because it has their favorite actor in it, regardless of the movie quality or genre. It's what the people want to see, and if these actors are providing a service that many people want to see and they are in high demand, then I believe their high pay is justified.

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