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Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by tskmoore, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. tskmoore

    tskmoore New Member

    I love the new Viggle app. I can earn rewards just by checking into the shows I watch through my phone. Right now, it is only available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. I know there are other apps that offer great rewards. What is everyone's favorite app for rewards?
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  3. fides.dulcis

    fides.dulcis Member

    I've never heard of Viggle, but I think I might look it up. I don't know of any reward apps either. I hope that somebody has some good suggestions, because I'm pretty curious!
  4. nurseonfire08

    nurseonfire08 New Member

    There is a app called Jingit that you can get on the iphone and android phones. You get paid to watch ads and to scan brands in stores. It is legit and have been doing it for months. You can use the money for either music or get there prepaid debit card (which is $2 and when you get it you can load the money ASAP right from your phone when you earn) You start earning $5 a week and increase earnings up to $10 a week. This app can be used by anyone 13 or older.

    There is also Check Points which you check in at store and scan products then redeem points for gift cards have gotten gift cards for Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot.
  5. Rymick

    Rymick New Member

    Why do I not know these things? It never even occurred to me that money making apps existed! I am still pretty new to IPhone/IPad ownership but I am ceaselessly amazed by what's available as far as apps. I appreciate this thread and will be checking for more posts so please share!
  6. fisshe

    fisshe New Member

    My favorite money making apps are AppRedeem and AppTrailers. In fact, I think I will probably make a thread for AppRedeem with more extensive details on it then post a link.
  7. fisshe

    fisshe New Member

  8. Rajpreet Singh

    Rajpreet Singh New Member

    I have not heard about many apps being out there, in fact few that you guys have mentioned are new to me. However, I have heard of AppRedeem and AppTrailers and have used them also. They pay very small but as far as I am concerned they are better then nothing. You can click away as you watch TV or whatever you are doing.
    Please do keep me posted if there are any other apps.
    Good Luck
  9. redheadch2

    redheadch2 New Member

    This is great information! I use swagbucks mobile tv app. You can watch videos and get swagbucks for them. I will have to check out the others you mentioned.
  10. blegz

    blegz New Member

    Viggle is a great app I found a niche to earning with Viggle I earned over $20 using Viggle it is legit.
  11. summerstone

    summerstone New Member

    Checkpoints is a great app if you like to go to stores. It gives you points for checking in to participating stores and additional points for scanning specified items. You can win gift cards to Amazon or Home Depot. It also has a toolbar that you can download on your computer that lets you earn points from searching. I'm waiting for Viggle to be available for Android because I love the idea of watching TV and getting rewarded for it.
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  12. Chrisy

    Chrisy New Member

    I havent heard of any of these apps. I will be checking them out. I like to always find things online to make extra money but never on mny cell. I am pretty excited! :)
  13. ShadowAudio

    ShadowAudio New Member

    I have not used a lot of money making applications, however I have been paid by AppRedeem and AppTrailers. Not a whole lot though, just a dollar. Viggle also has a positive reputation, and that is possibly the next network I will try out.
  14. ValerieAnne

    ValerieAnne New Member

    I've never heard of any of these applications. I have a Samsung so it's hard to find money making Apps available for Android (in my opinion) so thank you for some of these!
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  15. jl100ct

    jl100ct New Member

    I use App-redeem and App trailers as they both have a really healthy referral program and an extra $10 a week for going on my iphone and downloading apps is ideal for a student such as myself ;)
  16. tanya ji

    tanya ji New Member

    Bitcoin miner is also a good money making application if you have network of computer and it is easy to mine coins if you use it via GPU(graphic card method) rather then mining it from CPU power of PC
  17. JudithFunnie

    JudithFunnie New Member

    This is a great thread! I never knew you could earn rewards and money from apps.
  18. thewebmiss

    thewebmiss New Member

    I didn't know that there are lots of money making apps available, I only tried and have been paid by AppRedeem though. I could only get a couple of cents but still great for I almost do nothing. I just install apps and money is instant! I haven't tried Viggle; I doubt if the rewards are available for users worldwide.
  19. HunterHybrid

    HunterHybrid New Member

    I'm surprised a few other apps weren't mentioned in here. I use two apps that pay for check-ins at stores and restaurants. Send me a message if you would like to know about these apps since I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links here.
  20. tholstenberg

    tholstenberg Member

    These are all awesome suggestions!! Ill give them a try!
  21. pipebomb

    pipebomb New Member

    there good money making app called junowallet for anroid and bamboo wallet for iphone it's good all you got do is to download apps or watch videos or invite people in case you downloded the app enter this code it will give you 0.25$ and it will help me alot (PB1396017)

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