Do you like Television Advertisements?

Discussion in 'Television' started by sourabh roy, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. sourabh roy

    sourabh roy New Member

    The TV advertisements today appear to be not only boring but also disturbing. They interrupt in the midst of our enjoyment of a game or a film. Most of the advertisement materials are irritating and of course of low taste. How disturbing it is to see senior men or women behaving in ludicrous gestures advertising a product. The presentation is mostly awkward and obscene. It is true that for the sake of these advertisers we can see many attractive things on the TV, a live game or a cinema. But we seem to forget it when they suddenly appear on the screne in the midst of an exciting moment of a game, a film or a programme. Sometimes we seem to cry for an exclusive Advertisement Channel; but that, we realise is not possible. The only remedy left then is to make the advertisements decent and attractive, so that loss of enjoyment caused by advertisements may be compensated a bit!
  3. mido999

    mido999 New Member

    HELL NO! they are so annoying and usually take about 10minutes from each movie/episode
  4. samantha1

    samantha1 New Member

    I don't think so! I think that most of them are funny! I don't have time to go to stores so much so this is the only way to choose a chips or to see what's new on CWTV! I love Doritos Super Bowl Commercials, especially this one

  5. isnkly

    isnkly New Member

    At a stage in my life (about 1-2 years ago) I actually didn't mind watching advertisements at all because they actually made sense and were relevant to the products that were being advertised.
    Now, advertisements aren't good at all. They are just a gimmick that don't actually describe the product any more. They now just feature talking animals or something that have no relevance at all and I think this has been the downfall of some companies to this day. Sometimes however, businesses are lucky and a quirky advertisement makes them really successful.
    Advertising is just like roulette. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't.
  6. Gramy

    Gramy New Member

    Some can be humorus and some of very poor taste. It is really a toss up. When I am really into a movie or show, the last thing I want to see is stupidity coming across the screen and breaking up my mind set of the current program. Some can be pretty cute too though. With the economy, I see fewer enjoyable commercials now, as they are very low budget.
  7. CarlosFrienz

    CarlosFrienz New Member

    You know..TV Advertisements are annoying, but think at this: from where can they make some $ to have the possibility to pay the employees? (+ creating jobs)
    Also, i find sometimes TV Advertisements great. Why ?
    For example: a few days ago i saw an ad related to a company that sells shoes -> i needed shoes -> searched for website -> they didn't had a shopping cart -> i went to their local shop -> bought a pair of nice & great shoes and now i'm happy :).
    Sometimes are useful, sometimes not.
  8. sally

    sally New Member

    I actually like some advertisements. I think that they can be funny. I do agree that some of them can be in poor taste. I feel that advertisements for things such as Viagara can be a little hard to explain to my children. I do think that the advertisements for health products do help if they help people to talk to their doctors about medical issues. My favorite advertisements are the ones that make me laugh.
  9. Anna T

    Anna T New Member

    In general I don't like television advertisements. But I have to say that in recent years, they've gotten better at making entertaining commercials. We have a DVR so I usually fast-forward through the majority of the commercials on TV, but sometimes there will be a few that catch my attention enough to watch them all the way through.
  10. Talullah

    Talullah New Member

    I really do not like advertisements on television. I think they are intrusive because they are always so loud, a lot louder than the programmes they interrupt. I also think they are too 'busy'; by that I mean that many of them have a lot of graphics and images that flash up on the screen, with many of them not making any sense at all. It's as if the advertisers have lots of toys to play with when they are creating their advertisements, and they feel they have to include them all.

    I also think that advertisements sometimes portray certain people in a particular light; they will show an advert about something domestic, say, then make the man who tries it look dumb, but his wife look smarter. It's a stereotypical image that I thought we were trying to eliminate. Another really annoying type of advertisement is one that shows a product aimed at an adult audience, but uses cartoon characters as the main players.

    Above all, the advertisements interrupt programmes at the worst possible times; I just wish that those in charge would show them in between programmes, not during them.
  11. ddekker

    ddekker New Member

    Haha everytime when i'm watching a movie, and a advertisement comes up every 30 minutes i'm used grab a drink or smoke a cigarette (don't do kids!). YES I DO NOT LIKE THEM!

    But i know why they show us advertisements, this is the way those people make thei'r money so they let us see these movies!

    Also, a movie without a break would be very long, and when i get a drink then, i would miss a part...

    So i get it, but at the same time i don't... but i least I DONT LIKE!!
  12. Usama Ahmed

    Usama Ahmed New Member

    Rarely are there advertisements worth watching.

    The Super Bowl is perhaps the only time where I carefully watch them. The level of work put into those commercials are always a notch above the average TV commercial.

    The problem with commercials is they make the viewing time longer. No one wants to sit and wait out a commercial when the show they are watching is at it's climax. Of course, tv channels have to make money through these advertisements, but you won't get me to like them!
  13. Some of the television advertisements that I have seen, thus far, are very interesting and tastefully done. It is good to see how creative people can be. I love adverts that make me go... "hmmm... why didn't I think of that?!".

    Nevertheless, there are some that are downright annoying and I could do without while watching a movie or my favourite TV series.
  14. FJacques

    FJacques New Member

    I don't usually like commercials. They usually are just an interruption. Its really annoying when there are so many in a row. Like on VH1. They play like 8 minutes of commercial. I swear I can go prepare an entire snack, and come back to still having commercials. To make matters worse, they play the same darn commercials over and over.
  15. Simones

    Simones New Member

    I would have said "no" to this question before. But since I have foregone cable and have been watching the majority of my shows online, I do miss commercials for the occasionally well needed potty or snack break! It's so inconvenient that I have to press pause and come back to find that I have to re-load the page or something. But... I must say that being able to control the amount of time that my potty or snack breaks last is pretty awesome:confused:. Oh well, I guess I must contradict myself and say "No More Commercials!!" Having control over my break time is awesome. And if I need cute or witty short videos I can go to YouTube, they have all the humor I need-- much better than any Super Bowl ad.
  16. GOKuCommander

    GOKuCommander New Member

    No, I hate television advertisements. I know that they need them to play the shows but some of them are just a huge waste of time. In the middle of watching a good movie and a 5 minute commercial comes on, boring.
  17. Doodle12

    Doodle12 New Member

    It must be difficult to write a good TV commercial since there are so few of them. I like the commercials that are funny. They still get their message across and are entertaining. Then there are some commercials with characters we get to know as if they were on a regular TV series. Take Flo and her Progressive insurance commercials, she has become a very recognizable character. What I do not like is when the volume during a commercial is twice as loud as the program you are watching. You have to turn down the volume or go deaf listening to the commercials.
  18. Jenny Fletcher

    Jenny Fletcher New Member

    Some ads I really love. The current EDF Energy one featuring the song 'Electric Dreams' always makes me laugh and gets me singing the song. I can't work out what the little blobby thing has to do with energy though. I wouldn't recommend the company as an energy supplier. They need to spend more on training their customer service people than fancy advertising.

    The ads that annoy me most at the moment are one for Dulux paints featuring screaming kids that really hurt my ears and one for Kelloggs Special K cereal with the smuggest bunch of women you'll ever find. I'd like to lock them in a room and stuff them with Big Macs and Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a month. No, No wait. I wouldn' t do that to any human being, however annoying.

    These cartoons will give you a giggle.
  19. David B

    David B New Member

    Usually I just tune out tv advertisements and check out whatever I have open on my laptop at the moment.
  20. ronida

    ronida New Member

    Tv advertisement are boring. This is the way how tv channels are making money. We don't have to like them.
    It's true that some of tv ads are funny, but the most of them are just really stupid.
    I don't like tv ads!
  21. jhey_2o12

    jhey_2o12 New Member

    A big YES, I like television advertisement because I might bored when I watch until the of the movie without anu commercial or advertisement.

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