Get 0.006 btc free

Discussion in 'Internet' started by tri, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. tri

    tri New Member

    Step 1 : Go to and click creat my wallet
    Step 2: Click do it from free bitcoins
    Step 3: Login facebook,google account for receive btc

    Step 4 : After you have 0.006btc . You sumbit 0.006 on amount , and your btc address in : to address and click send bitcoin from wallet .
    If you get success and want donate me . please send btc to 14mPMsxG7neZKFFnJfo7smZ52mhcgvL2kT

    Payment proof for site [​IMG]
    Have fun ! I don't know when site will die
  3. ismywb

    ismywb New Member

    Hmm....the only issue I see here is I can't use my existing wallet.

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