How do you control your grocery budget?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by gr8thobby, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. gr8thobby

    gr8thobby New Member

    My husband and I used to be salaried employees but when the company decided to downsize we moved to another job that pays hourly. Our life style changed drastically and we set our priority by making sure we put food first on the table. Since we are receiving our pay every two weeks, we are trying to stretch our grocery budget that will cover our needs for 2 weeks. We try to avoid buying bulk grocery items from the wholesale store if we can’t consume it within 2 weeks. If there’s no great deal on branded laundry detergent, dish detergent, toilet cleaner and toilet paper we switch to another brand that covers our budget. How about you, do you control your grocery budget too?
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  3. Connie

    Connie New Member

    I have found that I can save a lot of money by only buying what is on sale. I will buy a couple of whatever it is and store away what I cannot use within that week. Each week the stores have different sales so eventually I have a large variety of food in the house so I don't feel I am going without. There is no sense in paying full price when you can pay so much less if you are just patient.

  4. Croakerz

    Croakerz New Member

    Choose your products wisely, don't let the supermarkets into tricking you to buying a whole lot of things that you don't need. Secondly, worry less about product name and just buy cheaper goods. Lastly, look for bargains :)
  5. mattxanderphoebs

    mattxanderphoebs New Member

    Before I go to the grocery, I make it a point to have a list of what I am going to buy. That way I can utilize my budget and not overspend on something that I do not need.
  6. annie9936

    annie9936 New Member

    Always look on the bottom shelves at stores this is where the cheaper stuff is, stores put the other stuff they want you to buy at eye level
  7. bocknoy

    bocknoy New Member

    Women are typically more of an impulse buyer than men; we rarely stick firmly to our prepared grocery list. Most of the time, I would buy a featured item or anything on sale even if it is not part of the budget. Because I have been making groceries for the family for a certain time now, I know exactly the specifications of the items that I shop for on a regular basis. I prepare a detailed list of all the grocery items to buy and ask my husband or someone I can trust to shop for us. I also make grocery shopping a bonding time with my husband-- I ask him to hold the list and make me stick to it.
  8. grasyia

    grasyia New Member

    I make a list before going to a grocery store. And I don't bring my husband with me. :D
  9. mekenna

    mekenna New Member

    I rely heavily on coupons. Trust me, it is very much worth the money to invest in the Sunday newspaper just for the inserts. Sometimes if there are good deals, I will purchase multiple newspapers.

    I also pair up the coupons during sales to save even more money. If I am lucky, I can even get items for free on double coupon days.

    I also have a small budget that I am very good about keeping purchases to a minimum; but with a maximum impact.
  10. sexygirl

    sexygirl New Member

    First thing I do before going in a grocery store, I first list down the very ones needed so that i had idea on what to buy and not pick whatever which is mot important at all.
  11. SusanJane

    SusanJane New Member

    I do not shop when I am hungry or in the morning when the bakery smells are too tempting. I always menu plan for a months worth of meals and then make a list of what ingredients I need. I stick strictly to the list and do not buy anything else. I have also stopped buying named brands e.g.Heinz, and I now buy the supermarket brand. They are often just as good. Although I don't always do this but have done in the past is take only cash with you and a calculator. You can then only spend what you have.
  12. juliet felstead

    juliet felstead New Member

    I make sure that I only buy what I really need, so for example do you really need orange juice or can you just drink water? I know that sounds a little extreme, so if you don't want to cut some items out all together then try shopping in the value ranges instead, they normally taste the same, just with less fancy packaging! Also, like a few people have said previously, try to buy some things online instead, for example makeup wipes from your normal supermarket will cost around £3 for well known brands, but online at Amazon and other online retailers they will cost around £2. I know it doesn't sound much at first, but all of these pennies will mount up and save you quite a lot in a year if you stick with it! Good luck!
  13. sherryscribes

    sherryscribes New Member

    Grocery stores set up their displays to entice buyers to impulse buy and to blow their budgets. I've found the best way to stay in budget is to go with a list, and don't go to the grocery store hungry.
  14. rubadubdub

    rubadubdub New Member

    Always, always, always make a list and stick to it! Don't buy impulsively. If you see something you might like, put it on the next list if you remember. Chances are, you will not. Base the list off of what you will use/make.
  15. mcdangles01

    mcdangles01 New Member

    A great way to save money is to sign up with a certain grocery store. Some will have deals just for members (usually free to sign up), and you can usually earn points to spend too!
  16. Dl17

    Dl17 New Member

    I buy just the groceries I need for the week. I always go cheap for lunch by buying canned tuna (which is great for you) and chili and vegetables. I also try to just stick to store brands and save a little on each item. I also stay away from unnecessary snacks which are bad for you anyways.
  17. cougs4bcs

    cougs4bcs New Member

    I downsize by only buying things I absolutely need. Being a college student for four years sure did help with budgeting for groceries! The only thing I ever had trouble with was that beer budget!
  18. vinnieg

    vinnieg New Member

    I try to avoid buying bulk for the same reasons as the thread starter. I find that if I do, I will inevitably let food go to waste. I typically buy enough food for the next three or four days. This allows me to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat, and it really makes sure that I eat everything I have. Nothing goes to waste and I always have fresh food. It's also a lot easier for me to keep track of the grocery bill as well since I am doing it in small increments. Spending never gets out of control.
  19. Jeff12017

    Jeff12017 New Member

    I try to stay away from the little useless foods. I usually just buy things that I can make full meals out of. Meats, pasta, rice, bread, eggs, milk etc. Instead of buying the chips, crackers, cookies that aren't really adding very much to my meals and become just more of a snack food. I find that if I start tossing in snack food in my grocery basket the $$$ add up very quickly.
  20. Jalecoombs

    Jalecoombs New Member

    I always have a list of things I need before going to the grocery store. I find actually going to the grocery store and buying food is the biggest thing to help save money on a regular basis. Eating fast food and other restaurants can be so much more expensive than buying chicken breasts and rice in bulk and spending the time to make good meals at home.
  21. flexstyle

    flexstyle New Member

    Making a list of things you need is very important. Also, buying things in bulk at stores like Costco could help you save a lot of money. Don't buy brand names, that helps saving lots believe it or not. Try avoiding things like choclate/chips as often as you can, these ate the things that cost the most IMO!

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