How do you drive traffic to your website?

Discussion in 'Web Development, Programming & Graphics' started by Rich, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Rich

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    You can build the best website in the world, but what good is it if no one knows about it. Without steady traffic (and better yet 'targeted traffic') your website will surely wither in die. So, how do you drive traffic to your website? Here's a quicklist of some of my methods:

    - Forum posting w/sig

    - SEO

    - List Building

    - Article Markteting

    - Q & A Sites
  3. You could also purchase traffic.
  4. iklan

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    Purchase traffic is not good for advertisement. It is not allowed to purchase the traffic and earn money from it. But if you had something like that experience please let me know what is it both of it the ad and where to purchase safe traffic like that
  5. There are too many ways to drive traffic to a website. The method to do this work depends upon the ability of the person to connect with the audience. It may be from social networking, forum posting, posting videos, article marketing etc.
    Basically I prefer to use these things in following order to drive traffic to my website or blog:-
    1. Posting professional looking videos on video sharing sites.
    2.Telling my audience about my new works on website by using social networking sites.
    3.Submitting articles to some popular article directories.
    4. Posting in forums.
    And at last but not least I use to answer the questions which are related to my blog or website post at yahoo answers,mylot,wiki-answers etc.
  6. SAND33P

    SAND33P Guest

    Buying traffic in my opinion doesnt bring as many users as you think it would, if you have ever used an autosurf youd know its pretty pointless unless your getting money from hits.
  7. Purchasing traffic will not work. I got a good idea for you guys. First of all make an website whatever you like then use some good keywords whenever posting something into your website. Example: If you write articles on your website use some best selling keywords and best searched keywords on that day in google search rankings. Then after posting some articles submit your website to search engines now wait for atleast 5 or 6 days and keep posting articles and using quality keywords. After 5 6 days search engine bots may have completely searched your keywords and submitted it into the google directory. Now go with traffic exchange websites like or use that chinese software black hat technique to drive traffic. Use 1 method from the above and use this method for about 2 months and you will see your alexa ranking will become good and search engine rankings too. Now after that keep on posting about your website on social networking websites. I know this method needs some time but this will be the best way for you. What SEO contain is good website template unique keywords better ad placements unique content and much more. You can also drive traffic from forum websites but that will not drive you much targeted traffic. Article marketing is an good opinion but it will take your much time. Try traffic exchange websites for 2 or 3 months it will improve your ranking and that's it, Now you will get your traffic from search engines directly.
  8. I tell my friends to visit my site and let them bookmarked it. Twitter and Facebook has been of great help. Every time I write an article, I tweeted it and post it on my status, and unexpectedly got so much visitors on it.
  9. Zuhaib

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    I have few tips for driving traffic to website:
    1. Build a strong, solid business foundation. Design a business plan, marketing plan, ideal client profile and 30-second elevator speech.
    2. Be consistent and “brand” your company. Use the same colors, logo, motto, etc. everywhere on your business web site!
    3. Make your business web site trustable.
    4. Create policies that build trust: customer service, code of ethics and newsletter privacy policy.
    5. Ask your web master to name each of your pages using a keyword you have supplied them with.
    6. Offer added values on your business web site that make sense to your business and ideal client. This can include affiliate programs, books, and recommended links to web sites.
    7. Add a “favorites or bookmark this site” script to some of your business web site pages.
    8. Add a "Recommend This Site" on your site. If someone visits your business Web site and knows someone else who may appreciate it, this feature will e-mail the page's link to a recipient.
    9. If you have pages on your business web site that you update monthly (like an articles page or recommended links page) say so on the page.
    10. Provide a subscription box, to your e-zine or business announcement list, on your most viewed business web site pages.
    11. On large business web sites, create a "What's New Page" or even better, ask your web designer to design a "Site Map" for your visitors.

    I hope you like these tips.
  10. Well first you need to submit your website to as many search enginees as you can
    then you need to go to and get 500 free visitors for just signing up. Hope you enjoy !!!
  11. Kev

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    I actually think that the advertising method is the best one because it makes your site popular and famillar for many people and with time it will drive many visitors but it also requires that you have some money to advertise.
  12. diceman

    diceman New Member

    Banner ads. I use 1800banners and get pretty good amount of clicks.
  13. RuneBotters

    RuneBotters Member

    Becoming members on lots of forums being active and then getting known, Then getting hits from signature clicks.
    Ads from other sites.
    Lots of Promotional forums
  14. Purchasing traffic does work, if you use it effectively. Of course if you're just trying to make money from your site's advertisements then it won't work as well as if you're trying to gain a large internet in your content.
  15. Seren

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    I use PostLoop. :thumbsup:
    But I also have purchased a couple paid advertisements. They were alright. I mean, it got me a couple new members so I can't complain. :p
  16. Article Chase

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    Pretty much this is all you need and a Twitter account - Lots of great content or threads, a general warm community that is active. SEO is not so important these days within Google, it takes a lot of effort to keep up with the 500 or more algorithm changes every year.
  17. iwrite

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    There are many good advice here and if you are a website owner it will be good for you to heel some of the advice if you would like to rank well on the search engines.

    One of the key element that was not discussed here is getting your site indexed. You should sent your site to be index by Google, Yahoo and Bing! You should also sent your site to Dmoz.

    I hope you have a happy time with your website.
  18. Gandacu

    Gandacu New Member

    Purchasing and client based oppinions :) in my oppinion...
  19. telecom12

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    Go for the bulk traffic i.e.Search engine traffic, article marketing or video marketing …. are great ways to drive free traffic to your website.As a start, you want to focus on getting bulk traffic, i.e. a lot of traffic in a short time.Also another best way to get traffic to your site is setting up mini nets forming it a link wheel. Just like the wheel, the hub is your main site/mother site. After which, you can make the first level mini-nets as your second level mother sites. The more the links, the more google will recognize it. Always remember, Quality is best than Quantity.
  20. Pushhyarag2000

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    I get most of the traffic to my site from social networking sites. I don't crave bulk traffic or buying traffic. Traffic exchange through sites like Entrecard & Adgitize networks have given me the kind of traffic I'm content with right now. I get about 100 visitors daily but it varies sometimes. I use Google Analytics to optimize my website views. I have a tool provided by BlogGlue which helps me check the SEO before posting.

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