How Important Computer is Nowadays?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by roxaide, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. roxaide

    roxaide Guest

    Computer nowadays are part of our daily lives. Coming from technology where it is getting better, faster, and more implemented into our daily lives every day. We can't resist how important it is for everything we do. Basically it was made to make our work easy and fast. Most people see our future being based on technology and it is even important in today's life.
    What are your thoughts on computers today?
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  3. diane

    diane Guest

    It's very important. Almost everything I do is done through the computer. I do my research through the computer. Group projects are done through the the computer (YAY for Google docs!). I see my friends through the computer (YAY for Skype). Everything is THROUGH the computer. :D
  4. muffadal

    muffadal Guest

    computers are very much important in day to day has helped us in performing lengthy tasks in short and simple helps us to get connected through the whole of world through acts as a friend who can do our hard tasks in seconds .it has helped every individual in one or the other way.
  5. felice206

    felice206 Guest

    I believe computers are absolutely vital in today's atmosphere. I've worked for companies in England, Australia and Ireland thanks to the computer and internet. Our society is a global one, and becoming more so with each passing day, this is thanks to the rise of the internet and computers. For personal use - I for one could not imagine having to be tied to going to the library every time I wanted to find information about something. I'm not quite sure what I would do without Google, and the ability to check out newspapers from all parts of the globe.
  6. kitome

    kitome New Member

    The computer is very important because after-all the computer as well as the Internet is what brings in the income to live on.
  7. SwayamDas

    SwayamDas Member

    An hour without my PC is like a season through hell :p
  8. haixiao

    haixiao Guest

    Computer is the most important device of my daily life, I use it to read news , to make new friends and to do my rearch. I can't imagine how terrible my life would be if I had no PC.
  9. pro exe

    pro exe Guest

    If you dont look at all the fun you can get out of just sit and watch youtube, play games or chat with friends. Then computers still really important. Schools use it all the time. At the school I am at atm use computers to every test and such.
    All my homeworks are at computer. Like Biologi reports and such.
  10. husainmadani

    husainmadani Guest

    computers are very much important in day to day has helped us in performing lengthy tasks in short and simple helps us to get connected through the whole of world through acts as a friend who can do our hard tasks in seconds .it has helped every individual in one or the other way.
  11. mrmade1

    mrmade1 Guest

    Well considering that we are now in the so called "internet age", I guess computer is indeed very important as it is now part of our daily lives. Almost everything we do revolves around the internet. I know that we can access the internet through mobile phones, but for most people they are still comfortable using computers to access the internet, so computers, be it desktop or laptop, is still gonna be around for along time.
  12. NeilPearson

    NeilPearson Guest

    I use my computer for everything... tv, work, entertainment, communication, shopping, news. It is essentially my lifeline to the world. Future based on technology? I think present is based on technology.
  13. Jms88

    Jms88 Guest

    Whenever my parents think about how much has changed around the use of the computers makes me know how lucky I am these days. My dad always jokes instead of computers growing up they would use a chissel and stone to do their work. My mom would always talk about signing up for school classes in long lines while today we sign up online not inline. Computers make things so much easier to accomplish.
  14. asim

    asim Guest

    Computer has become an integral part of our life. Computer is very important nowadays because we can do work more faster by using computer. It provides more reliability and greater efficiency for doing a work. Nowadays computer is used in every field like Engineering, Electronic media and banking etc.
  15. KolthMamolth

    KolthMamolth New Member

    For me computer is only important depends on the person who are using it. Every person have their own reason why computer is important, and I made my own list of reasons why computer is important.

    Reason 1. If you are a student and you can't afford to buy books for your research, computer is really important for students.
    Reason 2. If you get you financial needs through internet, like me. Computer helps a lot for those people who work online.
    Reason 3. If you have a family working overseas, you must have your own computer at home so you can keep in touch with them, it's more convenient instead calling them through phone.

    Some people just buy a computer but they don't really know how to use it or don't even know what is the importance of a computer. Using a computer will give us advantage and disadvantage results, specially the youth of this generation. We are now living on a computer era, so no matter what reason you have why you're using computer, be careful and think twice. Just ask your self first " Why do I have to use computer?"
  16. marife0126

    marife0126 New Member

    Computer is very important nowadays. On my part, computer is always a part of my daily life. I am using it everyday for my work and for other things. For some people, the use computers for entertainment, education and for other purposes. Without computers, our life will still be the same as before.
  17. now0pen

    now0pen New Member

    Computers, at least in my household is very important. I work from home. I run an online business and all of my clients are from different parts of the world. If I did not have a computer, I'd probably out there working on a regular job like everyone else does. But then again, everyone else I know also has a telecommuting job.

    My kids too, are heavy users of the computer. Most of their homework need word processing software. Their teachers even set up this website where they are supposed to do math exercises on a weekly basis. When they are finished with their homework, they play free online games. If they come to me asking for money, I give them tasks to do that is related to my work. Soon as they finish their assigned tasks, I give them their reward. So, in a sense, I am teaching them the value of money by working part time for me.
  18. Ankitdhama

    Ankitdhama New Member

    computer is so important in our daily life that without computer a many works can't be done. Nowadays computer is also our basic need with food, shelter, and cloth. It is used in many work like to controll traffic, to connect with friends, in offices to keep records, nowadays robot surgeryis being done in hospitals which is also controlled by computer, to find out about somthing and for many other purposes. In short without computer it is almost imposibal to live.
  19. maujazulmos

    maujazulmos New Member

    Internet treated as a necessity as food and shelter. It helped us to globalize easily. That's why we need a computer to freely express our views about the world. Computer, as visualized by Bill Gates to have in every home, connected us from communication and office works with just simple clicks. Easy access to information and opportunities online is the greatest gift of computer done for us thru internet.
  20. alexis

    alexis New Member

    How important are computers nowadays? I would say very important. Not just a personal computer, but a laptop. We make use of this to manage our files, save documents, save movies, etc. Not having one would mean writing things,which take much longer. Computers made life easier!
  21. sachin saini

    sachin saini New Member

    Friend i think that nowdays computers are everything,like we use many small techonoligies (Ipads,Iphone,Laptops)
    and they are used everywhere for fast answers.and alexis you said that computers made our life easier,these words are true and correct.but the important thing is that COMPUTERS ARE NOT GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH BECAUSE MANY RAYS ARE RELEASED FROM THEM.IS IAM RIGHT?

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