How to make 5 to 10 dollars a day,i want to know?

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  1. tom777

    tom777 Guest

    Hi does anyone know if there is any good sites out there that could make me 5 dollars upwards for my paypal or alertpay accounts, i know its only small but it all adds up to something at the end of the month. I am with a few pay to click sites and im not getting nowhere with these kind of sites, if you have any good ideas on earning this amount than please share your thoughts here. Its just that i am trying to save my earnings from online to buy a new phone, i want to use my paypal or alertpay money to do this. I know there is lots of ways to get a bit of money online but you just have to come on the right ones and most of all they cant be a scam. As ye all know there is a fair amount of scam websites out there, total waste of time.
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  3. Hi dear,
    I can give you two genuine sites and they are not scam sites and also I am using more than one year and making good money and easy to use. Please follow those links try yourself.
    Following site I already earned more than 300 $
    You can search my user name to see my earnings after sign up to this site.
    (Reputation ---> Best Workers ---> Select country Sri Lanka ---> and my user name muhudu)
    And the link is

    And the other site is,

  4. zurie_cyrena

    zurie_cyrena Guest

    If you want that big income in a day by spending time online, you must spend time sitting and making projects with and These sites requires skill.
  5. there are a lot of sites which offer freelance jobs . like odesk, freelancer, limeexchange etc. if u want to make money by clicking then u should prefer GPT sites over PTC sites. They got more cooler offers and u can make some money.

    i cant guarantee 5-10$ daily . lol
  6. everyone here is talking about microworkers . i think i should give it a try. i dont have blogs but hey are they that difficult to make and have traffic.
  7. Hello,I've also struggled a lot to find a good job in the internet. First I've joined paid to click sites which offers $.02/click but i quit it takes month to earn a lot. I have also tried paid online surveys but still i didn't like the price. Not until I become an uploaded..
    Try to host your files and share it in forums whoever will download it you'll have a pretty money. :)
  8. rubi102

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    there is no easy money on the internet you must work hard if you want to attain the $5 a day and do your best to make your job succesful because waiting for nothing is difficult without work hard in it.
  9. kurdapyo101

    kurdapyo101 Guest

    Mostly, data entry on the internet are the most successful. Especially, if you try the services on freelancer. There are so many data entry services to choose from.
  10. Muataz

    Muataz Guest

    Well, Im with 2 Legit PTC sites that have been online for 3 years!

    The problem is you have to invest to get money ( but HUGE MONEY )
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  11. LauraK

    LauraK Guest

    If you have a knack for writing, open up a account and start writing. As long as you maintain 5 rating stars, at the end of the month you make an automatic 3$. Plus revenue share for your articles, plus any bonus payments for assignments. Very easy, and user friendly.

    Other than that, I love Superpoints and Swagbucks, as I've earned 10$ on Superpoints in one month, and 15$ in giftcards on Swagbucks. You can also redeem Swagbucks for Paypal cash, it just uses up more Bucks. If you want a referral for either of those sites, let me know! Good luck on your money making journey :)
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  12. rajeshefg

    rajeshefg Guest

    I haven't had any luck with online programs other than getting paid to write articles. I had tried PTC sites, but they soon turned scam and all my hard work went down the drain. So, I would recommend to you to join paid to write article sites like Bukisa, Triond, etc. and get paid by them. Having said that, earning $5 a day is really very difficult. It would require total dedication and hard work.
  13. Abbey12

    Abbey12 Guest

    I write short articles for Textbroker. Some of their assignments can be as low as a few cents, but I've seen some assignments that are as high as $14.00. The average article pays $3.50, and it usually takes me 20-30 minutes to write anywhere from 200-400 words. Its not a bad way to earn a little everyday. Textbroker rates its writers from 1 to 5 stars. Most jobs are 3 stars but when you receive a rating of 4 stars, you can have more choices in the job you get and a higher pay rate. As a 4 star writer, I earn 1.4 cents per word so that for a 500-word article I get paid $6.00.
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  14. Rickeh808

    Rickeh808 Guest

    Well to cut to the point. When your computer is on and you have this program running (yes you need to download a program) then the site will send your computer "tasks" to do you dont need to do anything just keep your computer on. you will need to qualify to enter this program. and if you keep your computer on 24/7 then you will be qualified faster then someone that is on 2 hours a month. YOU ALL WILL QUALIFY IF YOU KEEP THE PROGRAM. first you will earn a little slow like 3 cents per day depending where you live. but once you are active and have been with the program for a while you earn faster i earn now about 28 cents per day. without doing anything. just keeping my computer on. hope this convinced you to join this site. I almost forgot they do not install viruses on your computer check their FAQ and it will show. plus this is a corporate Website and why would they install viruses on your computer

    Click Here
  15. Jaydee

    Jaydee Guest

    Data entry is the easiest job there is and has a good pay. You better try it. Good luck.
  16. Pam Beacher

    Pam Beacher Guest

    I have had success with the following without paying any upfront fees! I average about $50 a day. Microworkers, Clixsense, Readbud, Sponsored Tweets, Cloud Crowd, ChaCha, Posting ads for people on Craigslist, Trekpay, Instantcashsweepstakes, as well as doing online surveys here and there. They all add up people.
  17. solastar

    solastar Guest

    I agree with Pam, its the small jobs that add up. I work for telemarketing companies from home, I also do mystery shopping jobs that pay $7-$20, there are many survey sites that let you test products or participate in week long sessions that pay several hundred dollars. It does take some effort, but there are lots of placed to discuss legitimate sites on the web.
  18. wlipp84

    wlipp84 Guest

    Working for ChaCha is a good way to earn from $5-$50 per day. I have been doing it for a year now and I average around $125 per week. Most reps wont make $50 a day but there are a few dedicated, hard working guides that do. Making $5-$10 a day is a reasonable and easily achieved goal. They only position they have open at this time is for the vetter role and it pays a half cent per query. That doesn't seem like much but the role is quick and the earnings add up fast. Plus they are doing a lot of contest right now to help you increase your earnings. You should really give it a try.
  19. why don't you make your own web site, and you can earn by placing ads from google adsense.
    well, google adsense is not a scam, it's huge company.
  20. trixiagaga

    trixiagaga Guest

    You can search for million online jobs here in worldwide-web/Internet. But be aware of investing easily, before you join sites that promises you to earn a lot of money or even a small amount, make some research about the site given. i am unemployed, no work for 5months, don't own a computer, but still i rent for my spare time then i m working online through this sites:

    they are called PTC (Paid-To-Click) sites, you view ads then you earn money, if you want to earn bigger you should upgrade your account or find refferals that will served as your downlines or you can work here:

    employer will give you work then rate you based on your finish jobs.
  21. MinaB

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    There are so many ways to make money online. To only need to make $5 a day is certainly doable. You could try signing up with Amazon's Mechanical Turk at They have thousands of tasks you can do each day. Some involve completing surveys, verifying information on Google or transcription work.
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