If You Were Stranded On An Island What Would Be The One Thing You'd Want With You?

Discussion in 'Cars, Sports, & Outdoors' started by tonybrown1, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. tonybrown1

    tonybrown1 New Member

    Imagine you were out on a sailing trip and somehow managed to get stranded on a deserted island...

    If you could wish for one item to be stranded with what would it be and why?

    Mine would be a football, because at least I would have something fun to do and it would also keep up the moral of other stranded people. I would have gone with my laptop but it would probably run out out of power and obviously there would be no electricity.

    How about you what would your item be and why?

  3. SmartaMarta

    SmartaMarta New Member

    A beautiful woman who knows how to cook! :D
  4. khristopher23

    khristopher23 New Member

    I don't know man, being stuck on an island with only a football seems a little too reminiscent of Tom Hanks being stuck on that island in "Castaway" with "Wilson".

    I believe I would have to come closer to agreeing with SmartaMarta and take the beautiful woman who knows how to cook, but on second thought, that might get a little old listening to a woman fuss and gripe about the weather, food, and the fact that she was doing all the cooking.

    So, I guess I would just end up wishing for a satellite phone to call the Coast Guard to come rescue me.
  5. g30rg3

    g30rg3 New Member

    I like the idea of a beautiful woman a lot lol. For the company, help, etc.. ;) Other than that if it had to be an actual item then it would have to be one of them survival multi tool things. The ones with the knife, screwdriver and stuff like that on them.
  6. burgerking

    burgerking New Member

    I recently had to do a project over this topic and thought long and hard about what I would bring. I can honestly say that I would bring a Bible. My main goal on the island would be survival, and the Bible would help keep my focus on surviving for as long as possible until rescue.
  7. TinaDLD

    TinaDLD New Member

    I would have to say that of all the possible choices in the world I would want my husband with me on this island.

    If we are only allowed to bring 'items' instead of people, and that item could be anything at all, I would have to go with a boat, and I don't mean the one that I got stranded with! It would be a backup boat!
  8. kenlee

    kenlee Member

    A knife. With this and a little imagination you can make most of what you'll need. Burgerking has a point with his Bible though. Though I'm not a Christian and a Bible wouldn't be my choice, but inspirational reading of some kind might be best. It seems that one's psychological health is most important in almost any situation and whatever does that for you may be best. You can probably find a sharp rock instead of a knife.
  9. alahnna

    alahnna New Member

    If we can bring people, I'd have to bring my boyfriend since he;s great at the whole survival thing and I suppose because I love his as well. :laugh: If it had to be an actual item, I think an axe or a heavy duty sharp knife to cut branches and such for shelter, fire, etc.
  10. Rymick

    Rymick New Member

    Personally, I would want a Bible with me.

    I remember asking my then boyfriend, now husband, who he would take if he could only take one person, as if any answer but, "You of course," would fly. He answered, "I'd have to say Carmen Electra".

    Oh, the things you laugh about later in life. :)
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  11. hanzuke50

    hanzuke50 New Member

    A boat. I'd definitely want a boat. ;) Bear Grylls would be my first choice, if people were allowed. Though one thing I would definitely want with me on an island is Wafflebot. Harold and Kumar FTW!
  12. Howell Harwart

    Howell Harwart New Member

    I would bring a fishing pole so I won't go hungry
  13. Isabellas2007

    Isabellas2007 New Member

    I would take my Bible so I would always have something to keep my spirits up. I know when I read the Bible it always puts me at ease knowing I have salvation from all my troubles.
  14. OnIncH2

    OnIncH2 New Member

    This question is rather difficult, as choosing just one thing is full of compromises. I would bring a carton of cigarettes, however without a lighter I would drive myself insane looking at them. I would take a knife, but as others have said, a sharp rock might be found. In the end I suppose I would take a roll of paratrooper cord, or 550 cord. The cord is capable well beyond that of vines, and the white strings inside the shell can be further used as fishing line or similar.
  15. Matthew Austin

    Matthew Austin New Member

    At first glance, the Bible idea was laughable. But now I’m starting to see some reason in it.

    I can make just about everything else that I need using the materials around me on the island. That includes a knife, spear tips and arrow heads using stones, fire using friction methods, shelter and boats from the wood around me, cordage from plant and tree bast and just about anything that I would need. But where would I get all of my inspiration from without the good book?

    The Bible is a great idea!
  16. Navarro0321

    Navarro0321 New Member

    After mulling over some ideas in my head about the one must-have item if I were to get stranded on an island is a great question that leaves me in a conundrum. I thought about many of the answers given in this thread. I came up with a BBQ grill, for when I want to go hunting to cook my meat...besides everything tastes good on a grill! Speaking of grill-Bear Grylls would be a great person to have at your side when going in survival mode.

    Then I thought about having my cell phone, until realizing you would need an outlet and cell phone towers for good reception. At the end of the day, I would just want the Eternal Spirit of God with me. He can get me out of any troubles by providing me with the sources of food, shelter, and water. Amen.
  17. BettyRezBot

    BettyRezBot New Member

    I considered the circumstances...

    If I was sailing, it would be around the Whitsundays somewhere. So if I somehow lost that mythical sailboat (which would mythically be insured for a mint) I would try and make the most of it.

    Hang my clothes up to dry and enjoy my solar powered frozen coke machine until the RCC tracked down where I sank and send the Navy out looking for me :) I'll probably get a day, two days tops.
  18. Tabatha Frazier

    Tabatha Frazier New Member

    Now this is a hard one. I have recently started watching Lost all over again and have been thinking about this question. I would have to say that if I could only bring one item it would have to be a parachute. Okay you have got to be thinking why in the world would she bring a parachute but I have given it some real thought. A parachute would offer me cordage, shelter, and storage and it would also help in signaling any help that might come my way. Its light enough to pack up and travel with you on the island and I don't know about everyone else but I have never been a master weaver or shelter builder.

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