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  1. bored241

    bored241 New Member

    I must say, when Minecraft first launched I thought it was weirdest thing ever and I could not understand why everyone was going so nuts over it. I saw many students playing Minecraft at the college I go to and thought to myself, "I know if I play this I will get addicted.." I didn't play it for the longest time, until finally, it went on sale so I bought it. Sure enough, just as I thought I became insanely addicted to it and spent the last part of my summer vacation building objects, buildings, houses and all sorts of things.

    Do you play minecraft? Are you addicted to it or consider yourself to be addicted?
  3. Joseph Manoharan

    Joseph Manoharan New Member

    I wouldn't say I became addicted because it got boring after a while. When I first made my account, everyday I was playing with friends making houses, pvping, and exploring. At first it was really fun learning how to play the game and dieing a lot during the process. Eventually I learned everything about the game and lost interest.
  4. kjscrafts

    kjscrafts New Member

    I do not really care for Minecraft. It was interesting at first and if you have friends to play with I can see it as a fun social game, but overall I just found it became pretty boring.
  5. bjornar

    bjornar New Member

    i WAS addicted to it, but not anymore, i play it sometimes, but not so often, i played it like all the time, even when i was going to sleep, and that is not good. I really love the game, but i play other games to!
  6. Some1else0

    Some1else0 New Member

    I still play Minecraft in my free time, but not as much as I use to. What makes the game fun is finding a good multiplayer server. The very first server I joined, you would have to build a house to get to have full access to the other worlds. It took me two hours to build my house, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I recorded the finished product, and I'll upload it to YouTube, someday.

    Overall, Minecraft is fun with friends and an awesome server to play on.
  7. bjornar

    bjornar New Member

    Yeah, it's sounds like the server i was on, but my favorite server was closed down, i was really sad when it happend. I love playing with friends to, but i think it's cool to play alone on a server to. (Offline)
  8. Some1else0

    Some1else0 New Member

    I love offline mode, but only when there's no internet. I enjoy playing with real people. :)
    Survival mode is fun to play when you're not around internet, but I haven't played it since I died and lost all my belongings... )':
  9. bjornar

    bjornar New Member

    Yeah, like when i'm at my hut in sweden, i use to bring my pc, and play minecraft, but i rage when i lose all my stuff:D
  10. Justin Kennedy

    Justin Kennedy New Member

    One of the only reasons I still play are because of the amazing mods out there, if there werent any mods then I dont know if I would still play.
  11. Gofygure

    Gofygure New Member

    I go through a predictable cycle with Minecraft. I start to play it, get intensely involved with it, and then finally lose interest and go on with my regularly scheduled life. For me, it's all about the building and creativity; PVP doesn't interest me much.
  12. chyllyphylly

    chyllyphylly New Member

    I go through phases where I play it solidly for a good few hours, normally after watching a FyreUK vid. I start with a grand design in my head, get frustrated that it doesn't come out the way I want it, then log off for a few weeks.
  13. Surava

    Surava New Member

    Yes, i love Minecraft. While at first I never got a hang of it, once i learned how to craft and whatnot i instantly became addicted. Amazing game!
  14. pluxxus

    pluxxus New Member

    I love playing Minecraft, but I often end up feeling frustrated because I can never decide what I want to build, so I spend most of my time just farming food, materials etc. I wish they would expand the adventure mode aspects of the game further, to make the game even more enjoyable for people like myself. Or implement elements that forces people to construct buildings for function rather than aesthetics, as that would most likely help motivate me to build something rather than just farm. :)
  15. Faerbit

    Faerbit New Member

    I play Minecraft and i like it a lot, because you can get creative in so many ways. At the same time they are so easy to access. But I don't think that I'm addicted to it. Well, not anymore than to Gaming at all.
  16. Anexury

    Anexury New Member

    i love minecraft, i used to play it alot, but it started to get boring .. i still enjoy watching others play it with livecommentary on youtube thought.
  17. VinenBayn

    VinenBayn New Member

    I personally love Minecraft. I first found it when it was nothing more than a browser-based Java game. The only game mode it had at the time was what is now referred to as "classic" and it only had a small fraction of the blocks that the game now possesses. Even then, I thought it was a great concept. Once I found out that it was going to evolve into a full-scale game, I could not even begin to express my excitement. Once I finally got the chance to play Minecraft, I thought it was the greatest game ever. I still play Minecraft every chance I get, and when I am not around a computer, I play Minebuilder (the android equivalent of Minecraft) on my phone.

    As far as saying I'm addicted, I certainly cannot deny it. :p
  18. TameCaveMan

    TameCaveMan New Member

    I purchased the game while it was still in 'inf-dev' stage. I have enjoyed playing the game every now and then, mostly on my own but sometimes with friends or random people on servers.
    It's a pretty unique game, at least it was until people tried to copy it. Funny saying that, as Minecraft itself was a copy of a game.
    Am I addicted? No, I might have been at one point, but I barely play it anymore. It feels as though I need to install mods to make it fun now.
  19. MrNesta

    MrNesta New Member

    I didn't buy the game I usually play in offline mod because I can play in creative mod and I like piston and redstone
    stuff and a week ago I built a big redstone clock and some of my friend destroy it and he makes me sad...
    I think I play enough and I enjoy it :D
  20. Detedagowa

    Detedagowa New Member

    I have a couple of friends, and a cousin that say this game is extremely fun. I said it before and I'll say it again, paying for games is not my strongest desire I prefer free to play. While they have a free to play mode I hear it's of a very outdated version, and not the one everyone's raving about so I refuse to play it!
  21. Insecure_

    Insecure_ New Member

    I play Minecraft with my friends. This game is extremely fun such as making a house, killing zombies, searching for diamonds under ground. I played this game when it first came out, there was a few glitches and bugs in the game. Now me and my friends don't play much now because school is almost near for us. I think everyone should play the game.

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