Should Music Downloads Be FREE?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Earn, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. iamanne

    iamanne New Member

    No, music downloads shouldn't be free, because it's one of the factors why most of the singers couldn't reach stardom. Things were different from the past 10 years until now. 10 years before, people buy albums, but, nowadays, they just download their favorite songs. Internet surely affects the progressing of the music industry. Downloading songs doesn't bring the song up to Billboard Top 10. Downloads were many than the amount of buys. So I believe that, MUSIC DOWNLOADS SHOULDN'T BE FREE. That's all thank you. :D
  2. Courtnie

    Courtnie New Member

    I don't think music should be free to download. Sales of CD's are low. Nobody really uses CDs anymore, because we have iPods/MP3 players. The music industry can be rough, and it can be hard to make money. Musicians depend on the sales of their songs through iTunes, and other music selling websites. You say music should be free, and it is for the most part. I can go on YouTube and listen to pretty much any song I like. To own the song though, I feel that you should have to purchase it.
  3. trident252

    trident252 New Member

    Artists should be paid for their work, it's only fair. The real problem is that a lot of the music coming out today is just not worth paying for. No one really wants to admit that, but that is the real reason that more people are seeking music (and movies) for free.
  4. emrahalb

    emrahalb New Member

    No, it should not be free! Singers and musicians live with their job and they should be treated fairly
  5. Abigailjane

    Abigailjane New Member

    Although I would personally love music downloads to be free, I can understand why they are not. The music industry needs to make money and without the profits from cds or download sales, the industry would fall apart. This money is essential for producing, manufacturing and distributing the music. I think that free samples of artist’s songs or albums is great as it allows people to decide if they want to purchase the music.
  6. inderjeet

    inderjeet New Member

    The single biggest issue facing the music industry these days is downloading and file-sharing
    The problem, according to the major record companies, is that it’s not against the law to download music for free
    Over the last two years, courts here have ruled that downloading a song for personal use or sharing music with other computer users is not illegal.

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