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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by JuliB, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. JuliB

    JuliB Guest

    This is a brainstorming session for all of us to participate in.

    I have read some posts of the members who were not accepted to the coveted Postloop Elite and these are my personal observation as to what makes you a great and not so great forum poster.

    A Great Poster
    • Provides unique insight to the topic discussed. Unique is the Keyword. Generic answers such as "I prefer vanilla" just do not cut it. Such contribution is not eliciting any additional responses from other forum users. Great Poster would probably say "I prefer vanilla because vanilla is a known anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, tranquilizing, and fever reducing properties; vanilla hits high on the list of healing herbs.
      It can increase the energy in muscles, lower blood pressure, and relieve anger and anxiety. When applied topically, vanilla helps skin, hair, and fur to retain moisture, as it contains humectant. Vanilla aids in the prevention of sleep and relieves restlessness. Not only does it stimulate the senses, it activates the brain and motivates the mind."

    • A Great Poster is thought provoking. "I agree with you" is probably not most valuable forum contribution. If you do agree, why not say why and expand on the topic? For example: "I prefer vanilla too, but because it just makes me feel happy and makes my lover happy. Yes, vanilla has aphrodisiac properties. Just look up vanilla aphrodisiac on Google".

    • A Great Poster starts interesting topics. "What's your favorite color/movie/food/song" is kind of boring. It probably has a place in elementary school forum but I think grown ups may not even click on such topic. You are better off avoiding forum areas where you have no interest and focus on areas of your expertise. Fluff posts are easy to spot. You can fall back on what you are passionate about, then ideas will pop up. So if you are into video games you will have no problem on gaming forums and if you want to learn about cooking, you'll be a great newbie contributor in Cooking Forum asking the experienced Chefs about the tips and tricks of the trade.

    • A Great Poster does not ride solo. Forum is a social thing. If someone gives a like to your post, check their posts and form an alliance, continue the conversation with them, follow them, add them to your friends, like one of their posts - if there is one to like, if they reacted to your post, react back - it's fun! Hey, you may even make a friend.
    Well, this is just a start. I invite anyone with good ideas to chip in and help develop a recipe for being a great forum poster.


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  3. TNmommyof3

    TNmommyof3 New Member

    Thank you Juli for sharing these. I think many new and seasoned posters will find these tips very useful to enhance their writing!
  4. I think that you are definitely right about forums being interactive. The best part of a forum is not the reading of the posts or even writing your own. I feel that it is the ability to look at someones post and say, hey that's a great idea, or a funny joke and reply to that person about how the post made you laugh, or ideas that it spawned! Great post and thank you so much for sharing!
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  5. candi_cane36

    candi_cane36 Guest

    If I understand the original post, it sounds like we're trying to become the "go-to" person invited to dinner parties to keep the conversation light, lively, and flowing. We should speak intelligently, with personality, and draw out additional comments.

    Is that what you all have found to be the case? B/c it sounds like fun to me!
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  6. JuliB

    JuliB Guest

    I was hoping to guess what makes a good post, and I saw some heartbroken souls here who were very disappointed because they did not qualify. I am a new member as well so I hope we get some of the Pros to give us some pointers.

    Amanda, you are right. I often use Google to look up more things on the topic. For example I had no idea that vanilla has all these properties, so while doing a quickie search on Google for "vanilla" I learned something in the process.

    Hey, candi_cane36 <= that's a cool name, are you into Christmas per chance?
  7. candi_cane36

    candi_cane36 Guest

    Not really :)
    It all started in my AIM days of yore, when you had to be clever with your username. Back then, we had not yet come up with the "Candi ThisIsNotMyMiddleNameButIThinkThisPhraseIsCute Cane" stuff you see on FaceBook.

    JuliB, you spoke with such confidence that we all thought you'd been here all the time! Great post! Maybe we should add confidence to the list of qualities :)

    (And for me, I'll add the copious use of smileys.)
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  8. RedRobin179

    RedRobin179 Guest

    I love being part of a forum, it is like having an actual conversation with a new group of people every time you click on a link. my outlook is if the topic is of interest to me I can join the conversation without feeling uncomfortable or as if I am missing part of the conversation. Then there are posts where things are spelled wrong, in all CAPS or just really bad punctuation. In those cases I tend to close the post and move on. In all honesty I get so caught up in proof reading the posts I lose track of the topic. I do have one thing to add to your wonderful post. Spell checking, it is simple enough to do. Let's face it you may have a lot of really great input on every topic you reply to but if half the words are spelled wrong will anyone actually take you seriously? Great post JuliB, and Candi- I love smileys!
  9. Sparkle3269

    Sparkle3269 Guest

    I think the worst thing some people post is what I like to call "hate mail". Forum posts have nothing to do with mail, but this is the best name I could think of for it. Every intelligent person has an opinion and not everyone can agree on a subject. This is one of the things that make us human beings and not robots. No two people are exactly alike, even twins can have different personalities and opinions. Some people try to force their opinions on other people and can get nasty when they come across posts they do not agree with. When I see this stuff on a thread, I will usually just move on to something else. Occasionally, if I can think of something, I will post a positive comment geared to steering to conversation back to what it was supposed to be about. I look at it this way "negativity only begets more negativity." Another way to put it is something most of us were taught as small children: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
  10. Maricrism

    Maricrism Guest

    That was a great info you have there JuliB :) I agree of what you posted. I am not yet a good forum poster but what I saw to other poster who have been awarded because of posting. I saw that they really work hard in replying and giving a lot of info about the topic. They also helped many members of what they ask and need. They are always in the forum and up to date of what is happening in the forum.
  11. cwilson26

    cwilson26 Guest


    I agree with you completely on these tips. They are great tips and ones I use when posting on forums. I belong to about three or four other forums and I enjoy posting on them. Not only do I make new friends but I learn new things and even find new jobs on some of them.
  12. quickfish

    quickfish Guest

    I love the feeling of commradery and the great ideas on here! It can really be difficult when starting out and not really knowing what kinds of posts are thought provoking or if you can just simply state an opinion on a subject. It's all about figuring out how to be successful and we certainly can't do it as lone individuls. I have come across lots of fantastic advice throughout these forums and each little pearl of wisdon shared will ultimately help us all to achieve our goals.

    Thanks for the tips and keep up the great work!!!!
  13. Lemoore

    Lemoore Guest

    I just wrote in another thread that I am here to learn as well as express my opinions, because you can learn valuable information from others. This gives me and others the oppurtunity to share ideas in an open forum. Nothing could be better than this, as long as it is professional. The tips above are great and should be used by all posters.

  14. Lisa Leber

    Lisa Leber Guest

    Thank you so much for sharing this information.I believe it will help me and others who read it.
    You have some very good points in your statements.I agree that anyone can answer a questions or write a simple statement but,if you want to be a great poster you will have to think about your answer before you write it.You will need to think about how you are going to explain your answer and how to put you answers into great detail.Thank you!
  15. Ms.Chelle

    Ms.Chelle New Member

    I especially appreciate the information and advice you have provided, and the knowledge you have shared with us. Thank you for the time to discuss this kind of forum. I was very impressed with your tips JuliB. Great job!

    We hope to hear more great advice from you to enhance our writing skills.
  16. photti

    photti New Member

    Thanks for this post JuliB, these would probably be a big help especially to those who are new in joining forums like this one. Where did you get this? Have you joined other forums aside from postloop?
  17. Amelia Rico

    Amelia Rico New Member

    This an excellent thread, very helpful. I've never a tried this type of 'writing' so it's a completely new experience. Thanks, Juli, and others. I hope others add their experience to it, as well. Us newbies to this could learn a lot about what is expected and how to do well. :thumbsup: Didn't want to take Candi's smiley!
  18. JNurse

    JNurse New Member

    Thank you for compiling such a useful list, Juli! I can't wait to put these tips to use and start my journey towards being a member of the Postloop Elite.

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