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  1. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Staff Member

    The Postloop Portal will serve as the first stepping stone for Postloop users looking to earn some points at Postloop. Before any new Postloopers can earn points at other forums, they must first make 10 posts here in The Postloop Portal forums. Those posts will be reviewed by Postloop staff, and if the quality is good enough for Postloop, that user will be approved to start posting at other forums in Postloop.


    Be sure to subscribe to The Postloop Portal. That is step 2 from the instructions that brought you here. Merely creating an account here at The Postloop Portal is not enough. You need to subscribe as well. Subscribe before you start posting.

    Our pay rate per post is much higher than you will find anywhere else, and because of this, we also have very high expectations for our posters. We are looking for posters with excellent English grammar and a lot to contribute to discussion. Poor grammar and short comments will not get you far here.

    Please, if you have any questions regarding Postloop, direct them to the Postloop Support forums, not here!! Asking a question about Postloop in these forums may very well get your account rejected. Consider this a fair warning ;)

  3. Grumpy

    Grumpy Active Member

    Great to see this system introduced now Ryan. Postloop has needed a system like this for quite a while since the lower quality users found out that they could make money by using the system, and found the site. But I'm sure that this new system will allow us users to be assured that the new users coming into Postloop are of good quality. :)

    Thanks again!
  4. donjohn20

    donjohn20 Guest

    glad in finding this very helpful site, thanks..looking forward for your good deeds for the betterment of the people around the world..thank you so much.. god bless you always
  5. clowrid24

    clowrid24 Guest

    Wow! Thanks to this new system, as a forum poster i also wanted a good quality post to learn each day! And as a good researcher, any low quality or unrelated post was a meaningless to me! I always love a good and rich information from the web, so thanks to this system! It will help me in the future to find everything that i need. Thanks a lot Postloop!
  6. rad140

    rad140 Active Member

    Hello Ryan,
    This is a great idea. Hopefully this will keep some of the spammers out and increase the level of quality across Postloop, as well as help new users.
    I'm already an approved member, but I'll do my best to help others. Any advice or tips for myself is also appreciated.

    Best of luck!
  7. Sarah Joy

    Sarah Joy Guest

    Thank you mr. admin..
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  8. charizard

    charizard Guest

    thanks to this site, hoping that it will last longer..god bless you always..take care!!
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  9. cfwilson1984

    cfwilson1984 Guest

    Look forward to giving Postloop a shot. I work seasonally and this would be a great way to make some money on the side. I agree that this is a good way to make sure quality post's are being written in forums through Postloop.

    This is my tenth post so hopefully I will be approved soon and can start using the site.

    Best of luck to everyone. Cheers.
  10. dv84

    dv84 Guest

    This website is nice and i like the overall setting. I hope i can be a great part to this team and am willing to put enough time to know that i will be a great part of this site.
  11. charizard

    charizard Guest

    if the account is approved already, is there possibilities of getting it banned?thanks.
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  12. BlackPint

    BlackPint Guest

    Thanks for the bright heads-up! indeed this is a great method in order to immobilize the outpour of spammers. I'm giving this a shot since I heard a lot of good feedback from other people. Thanks for providing this good opportunity for us to score some extra bucks. Cheers!
  13. charizard

    charizard Guest

    Youre right!
    Hope that this site will run smoothly as it is, im very much happy with your service..youre one of a kind..thank you so much..
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  14. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Staff Member

    Again, any questions regarding Postloop should go here: http://www.postloop.com/community
  15. Blue_Dolphin

    Blue_Dolphin New Member

    I see this site going places. :D
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  16. zZJoennZz

    zZJoennZz Guest

    Wow, this is a good idea, good job sir!
  17. charizard

    charizard Guest

    okay...thanks admin, your site is good:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  18. meih

    meih Guest

    Heloo. i am new here. I hope i can make friends to all of you. God bless!!
  19. SpiralDale

    SpiralDale Guest

    This forum is a fantastic idea, glad to see something like this has been made.
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  20. daniel

    daniel Guest

    i am so love this site and the points system
    its so great to be here!!! :)
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  21. Simba

    Simba Guest

    I must admit that I really like the project Postloop. I think tons of webmasters will be surprised by this site by providing this to the world. The word is spreading around fast, and Postloop could grow to a big, active community. I hope to meet some new faces on here.

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