When did you get your first computer ?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by profaprofic, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. profaprofic

    profaprofic New Member

    The title says it all, so when did you get your first computer ?

    I got my first computer back in 2000. when i was only 9 years old.
  3. wiseoleweazel

    wiseoleweazel New Member

    It was around 1993. It was a 386 sx 33 with 4mb of ram and a 1mb vga card. It was bought because at the time I had an Amiga and the ram upgrade to get simcity 2000 working was almost as expensive as getting a pc.

    Once i played Doom on it, the rest was history. Those were the good old days of commands such as "dir/w/p/ad", "deltree" "cls" etc. I have met some computer technicians who were not even around in the days of DOS. To me it is a required skillset in this industry.
  4. DarkForest

    DarkForest New Member

    I got my first computer back in 2006, it was a samsung destop with 256MB of ram and no VGA card.My brother was bought in 2003 ,It was his first computer and cost $400. I found it was way too slow for the internet. The modem was just 1200 baud! It took 5-10 minutes to load a webpage =))
  5. ahbhatti

    ahbhatti New Member

    It was March 1998, when one of friends brought computer with him from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He had installed games like "Hercules" and "Aladdin". Then I decided that I'll must get my own PC. I bought 333 Mhz Intel Celeron machine with 32MB RAM and 3.2GB HDD. :laugh: What a time was that!:rolling:
  6. mountainmama

    mountainmama New Member

    You guys are making me feel so old! I got my first computer when I was in grade school, and it was a Commodore 64! It took about 15 minutes to load up a game, and the barely-existent super-slow dial-up internet was not an option in my rural community. But nobody had computers at home back then anyway, so I was happy!
  7. ShinY18

    ShinY18 New Member

    I bought my first computer in 6th grade. I have saved up all my money to buy a laptop that I really wanted. It was 400 dollars and was made by Dell. I don't remember the model I didn't pay much attention to it. I loved my laptop I used it constantly even though it wasn't the best at running games, but I mostly played Minecraft anyways!
  8. thewiseone

    thewiseone New Member

    Believe it or not, I was late to the party when it comes to computers. I didn't get my first computer until 2003. My father was always technology conscious and didn't allow me or my brother to bring new things into the home, without his permission. I was late to the party when it came to a lot of other things as well. Cordless phones, microwaves, cell phones, HD TV's you name it. I didn't get to enjoy all the luxtury of having new things until I moved out and got my own place. But yeah, 2003 is when I first bought an computer, which I ended up throwing away because it had an nasty virus on it.
  9. LTDInvestments

    LTDInvestments New Member

    My first personal computer was an IBM 5150 with 64k memory and dual floppy drives and a monochrome monitor (wife works for IBM) back in 1983. Before it was stored I had added a 386 processor board with 1 meg memory, two Tall Tree jram boards (1 meg each - used as ram drives), upgraded to 256k on system board, upgraded to a COLOR monitor, a 1200 baud modem. All interrupts were used and I even ran a bulletin board system on it. Also used it to demon dial radio contest lines and ticket sales.
  10. Erica1988

    Erica1988 New Member

    I got my first computer when I was eight years old. Its funny because the computers they make now are slim and the computer I had as a child was thick. I still have that old computer at my parents house as we speak. Crazy thing is, it still works!
  11. phil6784

    phil6784 New Member

    I didn't get my first computer until I was 14. It was a Samsung laptop that had a lot of fun little features. I always liked to play Minesweeper. Although the small features were fun to play around with, my main use for the laptop was for schoolwork.
  12. jaye31987

    jaye31987 New Member

    I was around 12 years old when I got my computer. It was awesome! I would be on the computer for like 8 hours a day playing games and just reading random stuff.
  13. Trung Nguyen

    Trung Nguyen New Member

    I believe I got my first computer in the year on 1995 when the Internet just came out and AOL dominates the market a year later I think. I think I was running a 486 cpu at that time.
  14. macti109

    macti109 New Member

    When I was really young, can't remember exactly but probably would've been around 8-10 haha so like 1997-ish. Can remember jamming commander keen on windows 3.1 awww yeah :cool:
  15. Gideon

    Gideon New Member

    If you're asking when I first was allowed to use a computer, I can't tell.
    I got my own personal computer when I was about 14-15 ('04-'05). An old Compaq with two 40Gb hard-drives, and about 500mb of RAM. It worked great for a while, until both hard-drives burned out, destroying about two years of writing and graphic work.
  16. Leo Franco

    Leo Franco New Member

    Well for me, i got my first computer way back 2008 with an intel dual core processor,512mb ram, 128mb vga. That's one of my most memorable experience since after that day i made up my mind that i will become a computer engineer one day and luckily, I am taking up computer engineering in our place.
  17. preety2013

    preety2013 New Member

    Two years ago,I had my first computer.It's Thinkpad.some times later,For a girl that Thinkpad is bulky.So I give up.
  18. Brandonii54

    Brandonii54 Member

    I got my first computer back in '99. The only thing I had used it for was some realllly slow computer games.
  19. markioni911

    markioni911 New Member

    I got my first computer back in 1999. In those days i was only 8 years old so i don't remember a lot of things about my first computer. All i remember is that it was huge and it was very slow.
  20. GulfWarVet71

    GulfWarVet71 New Member

    My mom had a home business that she started when we moved to Oregon in 1981 (business is still going). She started with an IBM 5100. We (my sister and I) used to play games on this computer and being that it weighed in at some 50 lbs, being the man of the house, I was the unfortunate one that got to move it around.
  21. Josh2907

    Josh2907 New Member

    My first computer was back in 2005. I had an HP (I don't know the details of the processor and all that) that worked well for its time until games got more complicated/complex and so I had to get a new one in 2010. I believe it was a Gateways Windows 7.

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