Who cheats more? Men or women?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Flavour, Jun 22, 2011.


Who cheats more?

  1. Men

  2. Women

  1. Flavour

    Flavour Guest

    If often hear about statistics that say that women are cheating more than men.

    But if i talk to women about it, they´ll always deny it. Maybe i´m always talking to women who doesnt cheat ^^

    Are women the better cheater?
  3. 0722092026

    0722092026 Guest

    I do not know of any definitive studies with the answer to that question. I doubt there ever will be because everyone would have to be honest in order for there to be accurate numbers; and let's face people who cheat will probably not want to admit to it, or there would be people who haven't cheated that say they have because they think there is some appeal to that. Personally I think that the numbers would be pretty close for men and women, although there would probably be a difference between the reasons for each sex. There is endless opportunity for either sex to cheat and where there is opportunity there are people who will take it.
  4. Peaches100

    Peaches100 Member

    Both sexes are equally capable of cheating, and women do cheat, but in my opinion I think men are more prone to cheating then women, I think that woman of recent years are becoming more open to cheating because of miss guided ideas and sex drives also woman cheat out of hurt feelings and to retaliate against someone who has cheated on them, but I think a woman's true nature is to be faithful and settle down with the one she loves, a woman has to think about pregnancy and being called promises, but men dont have to worry about anything accept hurting the one they love you'd think that would be enough to keep a man from cheating but I think biology plays a role in sexual behaviour too

    I think there's just something different about a man meaning they think and feel differently then a woman does and its not always so easy for them to stay faithful. some men secretly believe that they are entitled to see and be with other woman and some man want to be faithful but dont have the kind of mental and physical self control as most woman do I'm no expert but that's just my opinion.
  5. zararina

    zararina Member

    Hi, i guess that would depend on which group of people or on what country you are going to ask such question. There is a possibility of higher women cheaters on liberated countries and possibility of higher men cheaters on more conservative countries. This was just my own observation regarding this matter. ;)
  6. Armok

    Armok Guest

    To be honest, it's more than likely equal. Would be wrong to pick one gender over the other.
  7. BabyNova

    BabyNova Guest

    Men cheat more because women and men cheat for different reasons. Men cheat the majority of the time for nothing more than physical satisfaction. Men are very visual and have a higher sex drives. All of those elements combined are just too much temptation. Women rarely cheat for physical attraction alone. And the things that attract us, for the most part, are on a deeper level than what attracts a man. So, the need/desire to cheat doesn't come around as often.
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  8. me.pinchung

    me.pinchung Guest

    The women say its the men, and the men say its the women.....

    Studies..I scoff at that....what kind of double blind comprehensive studies have they really done on this?

    The fact of the matter is, HUMANS as a whole pretty much are selfish, 90% of us can't be trusted.
  9. Rachel

    Rachel Guest

    Woman cheat more, i know because i'm a woman.....;)
  10. strikethrough

    strikethrough New Member

    Yeah..like Rachel said.... women cheat more than men. Women are hilarious.
  11. Peaches100

    Peaches100 Member

    I'm a Woman as well, and I mean no disrespect to you, but I highly disagree I would never cheat on a boyfriend and none of the woman in my immediate family have cheated on there significant others. you all are probably thinking how does she know for sure?

    I'm extremely close with the females of my immediate family and I KNOW! for absolute certainty that none of the females in my immediate family have ever cheated I was raised with strong values and certain morel code, and that's not something I would consider if I had someone who loved and respected me I would not throw that away for an affair or a quick sexual encounter

    That said, do woman cheat? yes, but I would never and have never cheated on someone I love, and have a monogamous relationship with, I believe that men are much more likely to cheat then females woman can and do cheat but I think woman cheat less because when woman cheat it's typically to retaliate or just because of some missguided idea's about themselves and their sexuality. men are wired differently and in my opinion are more prone to infidelity, some might say I'm wrong but just keep in mind that you don't know my experiences or what I've lived or learned in my life and what makes me come to this conclusion, woman cheat but man are more prone to this behaviour thats my opinion and I'm sticking with it.
  12. Peaches100

    Peaches100 Member

    Has it sure is hilarious omg so not true LOL I'm like what! hahaha, but I guess that's her opinion but definitely not mine, nor is it my experience.:laugh:
  13. Irmz

    Irmz New Member

    According to survey there is no exact statistic of who cheat more man or woman. But in my opinion, definitely man cheat more, because i have already experienced it.
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  14. Peaches100

    Peaches100 Member

    I know many females who have been cheated on and have not cheated themselves, so I stronely agree.:thumbsup:
  15. Peaches100

    Peaches100 Member

    Well maybe your right but I'm not one of those humans I'm the other % that is trustworthy and honest, and I honestly would not cheat it's, I know it's hard to believe, but at the risk of sounding like a goody two shoes jerk I wouldn't do it, why? because I come from a life of strong discipline, and values and I don't believe in allowing ones sexual urges to override good sense and appreciation for what one has

    Love, real love is hard to find, and when or if I find it, I will definitely not cheat, and risk destroying that love and trust. even if I'm ever cheated on I will not retaliate I will give it time to see if we meaning the boyfriend/husband can work it out, if not I will make a clean brake before even considering moving on physically with someone else two wrongs don't make a right and cheating is a lose lose because all parties involved only end up getting hurt, and a person who cheats risk getting a sexually transmitted diseases or god forbid there are children involved everyone loses and once the trust is broken it could take years to gain it back if it can ever be gained back. so nope I know I would not do it.
  16. ria

    ria New Member

    i think women cheat equally but it does not count because lets face it women have many stress related problems then men and its easy to give permission to cheat. for example women with child child wants candy screams women gets candy but thinks its cute to get one for herself but does not pay is this a crime
  17. Powerlinefit

    Powerlinefit New Member

    I think it is expected for men to cheat. From what I hear, men cheat for superficial reasons and women cheat for emotional ones. I personally believe if you feel the need to step outside of your relationship, you need to take a look inside the relationship to address the issues. I would be devastated to be on the receiving end of a cheater's actions. I would hope my mate would come talk to me if he has any problems.
  18. kathy_18

    kathy_18 Member

    For all i know men do cheat more than women. If a woman cheats its because she feels neglected. Men usually cheats because they want to prove their manhood and they can't resist temptation.
  19. tkoshinw

    tkoshinw New Member

    From the stories I hear, I think the percentage of men and women who cheat is basically equal. Perhaps men are more likely to cheat physically, whereas women are more likely to cheat emotionally. It is still considered cheating if a person is with one significant other, but loves a third party.
  20. marife0126

    marife0126 New Member

    There are more men cheating than women. According to my observations, women do some cheating as a revenge to what they have experienced in their lives. For me, men used to play the hearts and emotions of the women. Maybe this is caused by maturity, it really matters most of the time. Men who are not yet matured enough and enters a relationship tend to play, they are not willing to commit themselves to a certain woman.

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